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YHS Takes Los Angeles Day 2

Today marks one week since YHS returned from our weeklong mega LA vacay, and I’m still reeling. Looking back over the photos from day two has me honest to goodness in shock as to how we packed so much into one day. But here it is, all laid out in front of me and now all of you that Yes Have Some Podcast did in fact see the Myer’s house, Nightmare house, Myer’s bush (that’s my new favorite phrase), have some coffee, survive The Museum of Death, shared pizza, took photos of the GB Firehouse, tasted Matcha ice cream, watched Harley Quinn Smith’s band perform at a secret show, and also snuck in QT with Craig’s famous cousin Taylor Williamson all in one day. God I’m exhausted after just writing that sentence! I was wiped after the day too but

boy oh boy was I ever grateful for every second that I experienced.

Last I left you Craig, Jake, and I were all daydreaming inside of a hot tub. To catch you up, we got a good night's sleep after that and awoke the next morning early (thanks time zones!) with outfits laid out and plans intact for a full day of sightseeing famous filming locations.

At that point I wasn’t even aware that The Tenth was playing a show that night, I was just trying to get all pertinent belongings inside my R2D2 backpack and get out of the hotel so we could start checking things off our to-do list.

First up on our list was Laurie Strode’s house from the original Halloween. The drive out to South Pasadena was peaceful and tree-filled. We were about half-way there when I came across a post on Harley Quinn Smith’s Instagram promoting a secret free show that her band, The Tenth, was playing that very night- all you had to do was RSVP for details. Naturally I brought it up to Craig and Jake as an option for later on, playing down how much I wanted to go because I wanted to seem cool.

The three of us RSVP-eed as we listened to their album, Dunes, together in the car as we pulled up to the shady green residential area of South Pasadena. Coffee shops, well tended libraries, and independent little shops peppered the neighborhood streets in a way that had me wanting to relocate myself and all eight of my cats into one of the quirky little bungalows we parked in front of.

Once out of our car, Craig, Jake, and I began exploring the neighborhood using our GPS to track down Laurie Strode’s house, Michael Myer’s House and the hedges that ominously hovers over in Halloween. I highly recommend touring this area if you’re ever in the area, specifically Laurie’s house- the family who lives there leaves a prop pumpkin out year round for photo ops!

One of my favorite moments took place outside of The Myer’s house, which is now a Real Estate Office. We were all three mid photo op when a gentleman made his way out from inside The Shape’s domain and approached us… to offer his services if ever we are looking to buy or rent a home in the Burbank area. He was seriously very nice and we all had a laugh and I am now seriously considering buying a home in Laurie Strode’s neighborhood.

Before lunch, we also hit Pee Wee’s house from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Loraine’s house from Back to the Future.

The Museum of Death

There was a moment where we were all like “Do we want to do lunch before or after the Museum of Death?” and I was very quickly like “Before, I will not be able to eat after the museum.” So we grabbed lunch at Lucifer’s pizza and recharged before touring the controversial museum.

What can I say about The Museum of Death? Not much until I’ve talked it all over with my therapist honestly, because that shit was traumatizing. I did however pay and go in willingly, mostly because I am forever a little sister who wants to prove she’s tough to the guys. The one thing I can say is that I’m proud of myself for making it all the way through every exhibit and for taking a selfie inside the bathroom as an act of rebellion against the explicit NO PHOTO policy the museum holds. Got you guys!

After we wrapped up at the Museum of Death (put it to rest?), we made a quick stop over at Nancy’s house from A Nightmare on Elm St. Thanks to Jake for bringing his Freddy glove and helping me create my favorite photo of all time!

Next, the YHS crew took a little impromptu detour through Little Tokyo, which was an area I knew I loved immediately upon entering. From the little cat banners attached to streetlights that surrounded the shopping center to the unique storefronts and restaurants that populated the three levels of the exposed courtyard, I felt very much far away from the rest of Los Angeles. It was otherworldly. Speaking of otherworldly things, I tried Matcha ice cream for the first time at a spot called Midori Matcha. It was herby, decadent, sweet as honey and I could eat ten of them right now. Although I enjoyed this trip to this district thoroughly, I can not say the same for Jake, who literally only wanted to go so he could buy a shit-load of exclusive Godzilla merch from the Godzilla Store pop-up store. When he finally got inside the store there was a sign up informing shoppers that all of the exclusive merch was sold out. That saga would reach its conclusion later in the trip.

On our way out of Little Tokyo Craig did a google search for the Fire Station No. 23 which we knew was nearby For the record, this particular fire house was used for interior filming for Ghostbusters, The Mask, and a host of other movies. We followed our directions through winding downtown Los Angeles streets and we

eventually arrived outside of Station 23 just long enough to snap a few photos from the inside of our car and continue driving back to the Doubletree.

It was around this time that Craig asked Jake and I if we had received our confirmation emails

from The Tenth. “Ah-whaaaaaaaa?” I exclaimed as I had completely forgotten that was even a thing at that point in my very long and very meaningful day. But ladies and gentlemen, IT WAS A THING!

We went to the show! I could barely believe I was sitting inside of a speakeasy in Los Angeles sipping a ginger beer with my two best buds about to watch Kevin Smith’s vegan angel daughter perform a show with her punk rock girl band. Mostly because Jake had gotten yelled at by the door guy while we were showing ID’s on our way in for wearing shorts. I remember fearing the worst when I heard him say, “Man I really can’t let you in with I really shouldn’t” but we pushed passed his ass because we are Yes Have Some Podcast and we have the last word.

So I was sitting there, sippin’ soda, nervously looking around at all the beautiful young people that I have been watching on Harley’s (we’re on a first name basis now?) IG stories mingling with each other, fighting the urge to film every second of their interactions when The Tenth finally took the stage. It was a small stage but the quartet filled it to the brim with melody, rage, heat, fire, cuteness, and a really dope sense of humor. I personally can say that I fell in love with all of them by the end of their set. I’m so grateful to Craig for pushing me to the front of the stage so I

could chat with the four girls and take a picture with them after the show (I get nervous around my icons). Naturally The Tenth are as genuine and delightful in person as the music they create. I’ll never forget that show and I will not stop listening to Dunes (not sorry).

That about wraps up day two, WAIT A MINUTE! I almost forgot to mention grabbing a late-late night diner dinner with the very funny and relatable (I’m related to him), Taylor Williamson. He’s Craig’s cousin, and he was also the second most talented person on America’s Got Talent. Thanks for dinner, Taylor, and thanks for reading this blog guys!

I’m going to try to acclimate to East Coast time and life now, more stories to come in the next edition of YHS Takes LA!


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